Binkan Athlete 01

*Finally it’s done

Yes, finally new category. After such a pain & hell we’ve been through. We’d  done everything we can to get this title to get subbed. We’re back with different colour text between the girls & guess what? We’ve put chapters order too on it. There’s 1 intro story, 3 different story & 3 break in the chapters. Well, that’s the only level-up, which we can do right now.

About the other projects? Yes, next week will be Oppai no Ouja 01 release. Still getting styled & checked with Moe-chan on timing. There’s couple mistake happen, since she had trouble with her hand lately. Yokorenbo it’s getting translate by Ingrid00 for 1st episode & 2nd is translated by Lilith. Lilith? Who is she?

Oh right, I’ve been recruiting for our team lately.

  1. Aardy as Torrent Uploader (Help him in seeding after download, please?)
  2. Fredericklim as our RAW provider
  3. Lilith as our new Translator (helping Ingrid00 in translate Yokorenbo)

Anyway, thanks for joining us!!!!

Official Website:

Softsub Download Link:

Torrent Link:

RS Link:

Password: aard

(Provided by Aardy)

-New Gene 00 H-Subs Team-


~ by newgene00 on 2010/05/02.

17 Responses to “Binkan Athlete 01”

  1. Thanks a lot for your efforts in bringing us these awesome titles. Going to download right now.

    One question, for which video files are the subtitles in the previous works (Issho ni H Shiyo)? I only see subtitle links.

    • You could use every RAW which available in tokyotosho either in nyaatorrents. We’ll be provided RAW DDL links for the previous projects shortly.

  2. Thanks for your contribution to the hentai community. Shame that no one has bothered to give their thanks.

  3. Thanks again for your hard work.

  4. Ah an english Newgene group! 😀 I’m from a german fansub group called Newgene Fansubs. Our name is based on a certain content point from Chaos;Head. Just felt like writing here 😉 keep up your hentai releases~

    • Yup, just one of Chaos;Head fans. But, we’re really want to make new generation of H-movies fansub…. That’s why it’s 00 (unlimited)

  5. Nice one guys.Keep up the good work.

  6. Password for RAR?

  7. The password for the RAR is: aard

  8. you guys might consider working with erobeat or iko-subs for joints…more releases…faster releases

  9. holy hell is the grammar bad in this release
    obviously whoever is tl’ing this doesn’t speak english like at all…

  10. where is yokorenbo subs??

  11. knock knock everyone dead?

  12. Are you dead?

  13. no but i’m realizeing the faliture i made with the question the corect question are “Is everyone else dead?”

  14. No, I didn’t mean it that way actually player1, I was asking the same question as you were, haha. Oops! Sorry!

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